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M&A Lawyers: Mergers & Acquisitions Law Support Based in Maryland

Whether you’re interested in selling your business, acquiring a business or driving growth through a series of acquisitions, Shulman Rogers can get you to the finish line. Our team of highly qualified and experienced M&A attorneys have successfully completed hundreds of transactions and know how to deliver the best possible results for you, regardless of which side of the deal you’re on.

The buy-sell process is almost always more challenging, disruptive, complex and stressful than many business owners and CEOs anticipate. At Shulman Rogers, our accomplished deal attorneys strategize with you to formulate creative solutions to complicated problems.

After successfully completing over 300 M&A transactions, worth over $3 billion in deal flow, we know a thing or two about how to get clients like you past all the complexities of a M&A transaction, so you can experience an optimal outcome.

You should choose the M&A Team at Shulman Rogers to guide you through the sale or purchase of a business for a number of reasons:

We Communicate in Business-speak, not Legal-speak

We understand business and speak the language and focus on what’s important to you.  We won’t waste your time by trying to impress you with how much we know or belaboring how complex the deal is. We’ll simply speak your language, deliver your priorities and ensure you experience a great liquidation or acquisition event

We Excel at Developing Creative Solutions to Complicated Problems

Many attorneys haven’t handled enough transactions to have the perspective, judgement and intellectual property to create innovative solutions to issues they haven’t encountered before. By contrast, we love complicated! Having successfully completed hundreds of M&A deals spanning a wide spectrum of industries, we are able to draw from a deep well of experience which allows us to creatively and quickly solve any problem that might arise in your transaction.  

We Make the Process as Easy as Possible

The last thing you need during a merger or acquisition transaction is to have to micromanage the project. We will keep you apprised of what we’re doing, where we are in the process, and what it’s costing you throughout.  In essence, you get transparency, predictability and no surprises.  You can be confident you’re working with true professionals who will take as much pain out of the process as possible so you can stay focused on running your business and creating more value.

If you are contemplating an upcoming liquidation or acquisition event, contact us today to learn more about why the Shulman Rogers M&A Team is the perfect choice for you.