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Maryland UCC and Commercial Law Group

We know how to make commercial law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) work for you.  We handle matters including secured transactions, asset-based financing, equipment leasing, sales of goods, negotiable instruments, bank deposits and collections, wire transfers, letters of credit and bulk transfers. 

Every state in the U.S., except Louisiana, has adopted the UCC to govern business and commercial transactions.  The most recent addition to the UCC covers corporate-to-corporate electronic payments, such as wire transfers and automated clearinghouse credit transfers.  Our representation has included transactions from the typical to the unusual.  Some of the more unusual transactions have included security in the form of front foot benefit rights, and ownership interest in other corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. We have also assisted our clients in protecting and enforcing their rights when the relationship turns bad, from actions taken when default occurs, to foreclosuring on personal property, including patents, trademarks and other intellectual property, and inventory located in many states.

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