Franchising Attorneys Serving Maryland and Surrounding Areas

Shulman Rogers’ Franchise Practice Group represents franchisors and franchisees in a variety of industries.  Our attorneys assist franchisors in structuring franchise programs and complying with state and federal franchise laws and regulations, including preparation and updating of franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements and obtaining state registrations. 

We work closely with our clients to understand their businesses so that we may effectively represent their interests.  Our attorneys help prospective franchisees evaluate the risks and advantages of purchasing a franchise by thoroughly explaining business documents in plain English.  We also assist them in negotiating their franchise agreements and setting up their businesses.

Unfortunately, disputes often arise between franchisors and current or former franchisees.  In each instance, our first priority is to understand the dispute – from our client’s unique perspective.  Only then can we determine and implement the best strategy to protect or advance their interests.  Given the high-cost of litigation, we employ an arsenal of dispute resolution options and techniques including: aggressive negotiation, mediation or, if warranted, formal arbitration of any unresolved issues.  When possible, we strive to identify and pursue all available business solutions instead of accepting the more common, yet least cost-effective, path to the courthouse.

Services to franchisors include:

  • Preparing franchise disclosure documents
  • Advice on compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • Registration with state regulatory authorities
  • Notices of exemption from compliance with state business opportunity laws
  • Trademark registration and protection
  • Franchise and master franchise agreements
  • Area franchise development agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements  
  • Agreements with suppliers
  • Resolving disputes with franchisees

Services to franchisees include:

  • Reviewing franchise disclosure documents
  • Negotiating terms of franchise and other agreements
  • Setting up franchisee entities
  • Negotiating leases for franchised businesses
  • Resolving disputes with franchisors
  • Negotiating terms of sales of franchised businesses

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Practice Chair

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