Title Insurance and Escrow Services for Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

Almost any significant commercial real estate transactions begins with title insurance and ends with closing escrow. The core element in the acquisition, disposition and financing of real estate is whether title to the real property is good, marketable and insurable.

Our Title Insurance and Escrow Services Practice Group consists of  experienced professionals who provide safety and security to our clients.  We represent  title insurance companies who reinforce this protection with their substantial assets and reserves.  Our professionals have decades of experience in reviewing all of the underlying title documents and, in many cases, going well beyond the customary 60-year search period to provide you and your lender with that assurance.  Drawing upon our experience and sophistication, we can provide you with the proper title insurance coverage for your purposes through a careful examination of the policy and the proper utilization of all appropriate endorsements.

Title Insurance

Providing title insurance coverage is much more than filling in the blanks and issuing the title insurance policy.  It requires a careful examination of the underlying documents that preceded the present transaction and an analysis of their affect on the proposed development and the potential uses of the property.  In order to achieve the needed title insurance protection a careful examination and often revision of the proposed documents that will transfer and encumber the real property is necessary.  The real estate professionals providing the survey, and often the environmental due diligence, needed to carefully review the title documents in order to ensure that the requirements of the buyer and the lender are met.  The attention we pay to detail is crucial in protecting your most valuable possessions.

We are licensed title insurance agents in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. We provide title and escrow services in Virginia through our affiliate subsidiary, SR Title LLC. Based upon our relationships with attorneys throughout the country and the majority of the national title insurance underwriters, we can also coordinate your multi-state and multi-property transactions wherever they occur.  In those jurisdictions that do not have filed title insurance rates, we have been very successful in negotiating the lowest title insurance premiums for our commercial clients.    

Escrow Services

In conjunction with and ancillary to the issuance of title insurance policies, our talented staff of sophisticated professionals also provides escrow services.  We prepare, examine, distribute, execute and record all of the appropriate and necessary documents to complete your real estate transaction.  Paramountly, we take responsibility for the allocation, collection and distribution of all funds and financial instruments in a cautious and secure manner, respecting the rights and obligations of all the parties and in strict accordance with the appropriate instructions that we receive in connection with the transaction.

This service is just a small part of our overall responsive, efficient and sophisticated real estate practice which treats the needs of our clients as a top priority.


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