The Metropolitan Washington D.C. region is home to one of the most internationally diverse communities in the world. Our lawyers have decades of experience helping resolve matters involving international family law issues in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. Our attorneys regularly advise clients and achieve successful, cost-effective outcomes for individuals from different countries, legal residents of more than one nation, parties with children born outside of the United States and with matters involving property, financial or business interests in multiple countries. We also offer consultation services for other attorneys with cases that have these issues.

Matters of international separation, divorce, child support and child custody can be complex. They can involve international treaties and require an understanding of the laws and practices of various countries with respect to property distribution and child custody. We treat each matter with respect and cultural sensitivity and give every client the attention they expect and deserve.

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Custody and Visitation Rights in International Relocation or Parental Abduction/Kidnapping Situations

In most states, a parent taking a child to another country will face considerable scrutiny with respect to the reasons for the move, distance and conditions in the proposed destination country. Disputes involving custody and relocation questions are typically resolved by courts in the state or country of a child’s habitual residence. It is important to seek legal advice early in this process to develop the best strategy to address these issues.

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