The Shulman Rogers Family Law team can help you on your adoption journey. Whether you’re seeking a private or public agency adoption, an independent adoption, a stepparent adoption or a second-parent adoption, our skilled attorneys help guide adopting families and birth parents through the process.

In almost all instances, you will need an attorney to help finalize your adoption. It’s a good idea to identify a reputable and experienced attorney early in the process – this can help you develop a clear adoption plan and more effectively navigate the legal landscape that lies ahead. Having a knowledgeable lawyer could also speed up the adoption process.

Our adoption attorneys assist you with:

  • Private or public agency adoptions: arranged through a licensed adoption agency
  • Independent adoptions: arranged directly between the birth parents and the adoptive parents
  • Stepparent adoptions: a stepparent becomes the legal parent of a child
  • Second-parent adoptions: occurs when one partner wishes to adopt the other partner’s child, allowing them to share equal legal parental rights, typically occurring when the couple is unmarried or if they’re a same-sex couple

Elements of the adoption process:

  • Preparing and reviewing paperwork
  • Facilitating your background check
  • Preparing you for your home study
  • Negotiating the terms of your adoption plan
  • Handling legal disputes or conflicts
  • Communicating with adoption agencies
  • Understanding and explaining local, state, federal, and international adoption laws

To consult with a member of our Adoption team, contact us.