The Shulman Rogers Fiduciary Litigation team has unparalleled experience assisting families with issues related to the legal rights of minor children and adults who are disabled or who suffer from mental health issues. Our attorneys often serve as fiduciaries for individuals who are unable to make financial decisions, and they are regularly appointed by the courts to represent individuals in guardianship matters.

Families with issues related to trustees or legal guardians often have no idea where to turn for legal advice.  Our attorneys have a wide breadth of experience advising and litigating these issues, including capacity, guardianship, estate planning, complex tax matters, special needs trusts, Medical Assistance planning, involuntary commitment, challenges to wills, claims against fiduciaries, neglect and financial exploitation. Additionally, we have expertise working with the Internal Revenue Service with regard to audit proceedings, both in and out of the courtroom.

Given the nature of their clients’ needs, our Fiduciary Litigation attorneys maintain close working relationships with professionals in related fields, including accounting, asset valuation, mental health, private investigation and dispute resolution. This allows us to tailor a dynamic approach for each individual client’s case.