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Our business and personal lives now exist more than ever electronically on our phones, over our computer networks and in a cloud.  In any kind of litigation, clients need to know their attorneys understand modern technology and the costs and benefits of E-Discovery (the process of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information) in any particular situation.  At Shulman Rogers, we have a flexible approach that values practical solutions over the expenses that can mount from identifying, collecting and producing voluminous computer records, emails, texts or metadata in a dispute.  Without a plan for gathering and producing electronically stored information (ESI), a client can lose or win a dispute based solely on how their attorneys handle this important part of litigation.  E-Discovery can be a tool to resolve a case, identifying key record custodians and material information that others might miss.  E-Discovery, managed appropriately, can also help protect a client from unreasonable expense, time and undue burden of litigation on their business and in their personal life.

Our team, including specialized paralegals, develops a cost-benefit approach for each client and each dispute that makes sense under the law.  We leverage our team’s depth of experience to help clients solve difficult E-Discovery problems with less expense and can partner with outside vendors or work with clients to identify and produce relevant information, depending on the circumstances.  Our team strives to answer clients’ questions and protect their confidential or proprietary documents, while strategically seeking the information that a client might need to prevail from another party’s cell phone, computer, or network.  From handling a litigation hold letter to managing compliance with a subpoena, protective order, or discovery plan, Shulman Rogers can assist clients to understand and navigate simple and complex E-Discovery issues.

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