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University disciplinary accusations can have severe consequences for a student’s academic career, permanent record, and future job prospects. Schools try to resolve matters very quickly, offer students minimal rights to defend themselves and have little or no tolerance for any alleged misconduct. Students faced with charges from their secondary school or university should engage counsel early to evaluate the best path forward and prepare their defense.

The Shulman Rogers team has handled a wide range of disciplinary allegations including dishonest academic conduct, violence, drugs and alcohol, sexual harassment and sexual assault. We speak frequently at universities about student rights in disciplinary matters and have the deep strategic experience and aggressive advocacy skills that students need in both school disciplinary matters and related criminal allegations. 

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  • Convinced prosecutors to drop unfounded criminal trespass charges and seal arrest records
  • Resolved a fake ID charge via court diversion, with no criminal conviction
  • Persuaded government to drop felony assault charges, and student resumed education after a one-semester suspension
  • Resolved Title IX sex assault and harassment allegations through college probation, and student continued education
  • Avoided prosecution for student accused of armed robbery
  • Negotiated terms of honor code dismissal to enhance graduate student’s transfer opportunities
  • Resolved multiple offenses through college probation/deferred suspension, allowing student to continue education
  • Avoided felony assault charges and negotiated terms of withdrawal from secondary school instead of expulsion