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The Smithsonian Associates Presents

February 17, 2010

Tonight, take an insider’s look at the secret society, with special rules, rituals, and language, of the men (and the few women) who have no friends at the ballpark. Learn how umpires see a game completely differently from the fans.

Writer Bruce Weber, Major League umpire Ted Barrett, and retired big league umpire Jim Evans discuss how umpires work behind the plate, watch the bases, and manage to see everything on the field. Learn about umpire training and being among the select few who make it to the Major Leagues. Phil Hochberg, former Washington Senators stadium announcer, moderates. National Symphony Orchestra violinist, Glenn Donnellan, opens the program playing his “Electric Slugger,” a bat-violin.

Weber writes for the New York Times. Barrett has been an umpire for Major League Baseball for 10 years. Evans runs a professional umpiring school. Weber’s book As They Sees ‘Em (Scribner) is available for signing.

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Location: Rasmuson Theater, National Museum of the American Indian