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Telecommunications Update – FCC Begins Accepting Vehicular Repeater Applications March 15, 2016

February 9, 2016

FCC Begins Accepting Vehicular Repeater Applications March 15, 2016

The Federal Communications Commission will begin accepting applications for new Vehicular Repeater Systems in the Part 90 VHF radio services beginning March 15, 2016.

The FCC’s action was the result of a Petition for Rule Making submitted by Shulman Rogers on behalf of Pyramid Communications.  The rule change provides a frequency home for VRS units.  Previously, it was extremely difficult to find available frequencies to implement vehicular repeaters, which are a crucial part of public safety communications.

“Shulman Rogers is honored to have represented Pyramid in this proceeding,” said Telecommunications Department Chairman Alan Tilles.  “It represents a fine example of our working cooperatively with clients to locate appropriate spectrum and to bring the industry together to find solutions for important problems.”

In addition to the Firm’s other work, Shulman Rogers represents hundreds of public safety agencies, private radio users (including transit agencies), dealers and manufacturers nationwide.


Alan S. Tilles

Georgina L.O. Feigen