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Telecommunications Update – FCC Allows Railroad Police To Use Public Safety Interop Frequencies

September 7, 2016

FCC Allows Railroad Police to Use Public Safety Interop Frequencies

The FCC has released an Order amending its rules to allow railroad police officers to use public safety interoperability frequencies.  This rule change was in response to the Petition for Rule Making filed by the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC).

Previously, railroad police officers were barred from using the interoperability channels because of FCC eligibility issues.  The eligibility of transportation departments for public safety spectrum has long haunted various transportation services, and been a frequent source of confusion for users.  Going forward, railroad police officers will now be able to communicate over interoperability channels with other public safety officers.  This has the potential to greatly enhance the ability of first responders to work together to address urgent needs quickly.

A copy of the FCC’s Order can be found here.

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Alan S. Tilles

Georgina L.O. Feigen