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Staying Safe: Inclement Weather and Automobile Accidents

January 18, 2019

During the winter months when the incidence of automobile accidents increase, here are five things to do if you are involved in an accident.

    1. Keep Safe. If you are in a minor accident, make sure that you move your car to the side of the road and stay clear of the traffic.  Turn on your emergency flashers and set out a warning triangle or use flares when it is safe to do so.  Exchange information with the other driver as quickly as possible and, if there are no serious injuries and your car is drivable, move it from the accident location.  There have been a number of recent fatalities involving people who were standing next to the road after minor accidents and, tragically, hit by oncoming traffic.
    2. Seek prompt medical care and attention as needed.
    3. Use your cell phone to take photographs of the other driver’s license and insurance card. Also, if it is safe to do so, take photos of the accident scene and damage to both vehicles.
    4. Promptly notify your insurance company about the accident.
    5. Do not make a statement at the scene admitting that you were at fault and do not provide a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company.

Keep this page in your vehicle and make copies for friends and family members. Download a printable page here.