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Social Media

April 21, 2011

 Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property in the Age of Social Media 

Social media has gone mainstream.  Once the province of college students and twenty-somethings, social media has now become an established means of communication for those businesses that want a better and more efficient way to connect with their customers and clients.  But like the advent of almost any new technology, it is not without dangers, not least among them a greater risk of loss of trade secrets and potential brand dilution.  The risks aren’t just from competitors.  Savvy companies understand the need to guard against employee use of social media that compromises these intellectual property rights – but how far can a company go in controlling how employees use social media?  Join us on April 21st for a discussion on how to effectively use social media in your business, while protecting against loss of trade secrets and trademarks rights.  We will cover:

  • Risks posed by the disclosure of trade secrets through social media.
  • How valuable trademark rights can be lost through improper use of a trademark on a social media website.
  • The provisions that should be included in a social media policy to best protect a company’s intellectual property.
  • Special issues raised by an employee’s use of social media.
  • Steps that a company should take to better protect intellectual property from the dangers posed by social media, including if and when an employee may be terminated for violating the employer’s social medial policy.

          Peter Toren, Karl Means and Tina Hsu of Shulman Rogers will present current information on these topics. You are invited to bring your questions and join in the discussion.

7:30am – Registration and continental breakfast

8:00am – 9:30am – Program

To RSVP, please e-mail, or call 301-231-0924. 

There is no charge for the program, but reservations are required as seating is limited.