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Meet Scott Museles: Co-Chair, Business & Financial Services

March 9, 2022

What do Michelin-starred restaurants, a rocket launching space company, a cannabis cultivator, a media company, a private equity fund, a Broadway production company and a healthcare technology firm have in common? 
They are all represented by Scott Museles of Shulman Rogers.
Scott is Co-Chair of the Firm’s Business and Financial Services Department, overseeing the many practice areas that serve corporate clients throughout the life cycle of their business.
Clients frequently say things about Scott like “he treats my business as if it were his own,” “he makes invaluable connections for me,” “he is always there when I need him” and “he’s just so easy to talk to and adept at identifying issues and opportunities.” The trusted relationships he builds with clients – often spanning decade – are a testament to who Scott is as a practitioner and advisor.
When asked what has made him so successful with clients across industries, Scott says, “I love coming to work every day, working on life-changing deals and solving problems for different people each day. I’ve built some amazing friendships with clients over the years – and I think, at the end of the day, people (including me) just want to work with people they can count on to help them and who are easy to be around.”
Clearly, whatever Scott’s secret sauce is…it is a key ingredient to the success of hundreds of companies across the DMV and beyond.


Scott Museles