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Jacob Frenkel quoted in The Jakarta Post: US agencies probe big banks on China nepotism

June 4, 2015

Government Investigations litigation partner Jacob Frenkel was quoted in The Jakarta June 4 article “US agencies probe big banks on China nepotism.” The article discusses US investigations of large banks hiring children of powerful Chinese officials in exchange for other business in China. 

Jacob Frenkel, a former government prosecutor now at the firm Shulman Rogers, said the recruit’s qualifications would indeed be very important.

“If the purpose of the hiring was for the sole purpose of obtaining business, particularly if the sons and daughters are showing up for work merely as a charade, then there is a compelling argument for why the US government is considering bribery charges,” Frenkel said.

“For the US to prove an anti-corruption violation, it must demonstrate a corrupt payment with an intent to influence a decision by a government official in order to obtain or retain business.

“Each case that is under investigation related to a son and daughter issue will be very fact- and case- specific. We easily could see charges in one case and not in another.”

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