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FCC Adopts Shulman Rogers Drafted ‘Consensus Plan’ To Eliminate 800 MHz Interference

February 25, 2009

The 800 MHz Interference Proceeding

As counsel to PCIA, Aeronautical Radio, the City of Denver and others, Shulman, Rogers has been an intimate part of the development of the so-called “Consensus Plan” which was submitted to the Federal Communications Commission to help resolve interference caused by Nextel and cellular operators to 800 MHz Public Safety and other radio systems.  We assisted in the drafting of Consensus Party Comments, as well as the specific proposals set forth by the group.  This proposal was adopted by the FCC on July 8, 2004.

Shulman Rogers attorneys are familiar with the FCC’s Rules and Regulations for “re-tuning”, having negotiated over 100 re-tuning agreements with Nextel Communications.  These re-tuning agreements, negotiated on behalf of Shulman Rogers’ 800 MHz SMR and public safety clients, have successfully resulted in the timely re-tuning of systems, with no system down time, and full compensation paid to the licensee.

During the re-tuning process, Shulman Rogers will be providing seminars and other educational opportunities for licensees in the band, radio dealers seeking to perform re-tuning work on behalf of licensees, and 1.9 GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service licensees who will also be relocated as part of this process.  Contact Alan Tilles at atilles@srgpe.comfor more information on how Shulman Rogers can assist you in your re-banding negotiations, and how to ensure that you receive full compensation from Nextel for our charges related to the re-banding negotiations.