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Employment Law Alert – Correction: New Year Sees Local Minimum Wage Increases

January 6, 2021


Last week our world was spinning between COVID and events at the U.S. Capitol — and amidst all that mayhem — we made an inadvertent error in our January 6th ALERT. The corrected information is italicized below:

Maryland: Effective January 1, 2021, Maryland’s statewide minimum wage increased from $11.00/hour to $11.75/hour for employers with 15 or more employees. For employers with fewer than 15 employees, the new rate is $11.60/hour. The $3.63/hour rate for tipped employees remains unchanged.

  • Montgomery County: Annual wage rate increases in Montgomery County will take effect as scheduled on July 1, 2021. The rate will increase to $15.00/hour for employers with 51 or more employees, $14.00/hour for employers with 11-50 employees and $13.50/hour for employers with 10 or fewer employees.
  • Prince George’s County: As of January 1, 2021, Prince George’s County will follow Maryland’s statewide minimum wage, adopting the increases noted above.

Virginia: Virginia has postponed its scheduled wage increase until May 1st. At that time, the minimum wage will increase from $7.25/hour to $9.50/hour.

D.C.: In 2020, D.C. increased its minimum wage from $14.00/hour to $15.00/hour for all employers regardless of size and $4.45/hour to $5.00/hour for tipped workers.

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