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Danielle Dolch speaks with The Washington Post on real estate “love letters”

June 25, 2018

Shulman Rogers’ Danielle Dolch was recently quoted in The Washington Post on the trend of “love letters” from buyers to sellers involved in residential real estate transactions.

Under Maryland, D.C. and Virginia laws, real estate agents are required to present sellers all documents included in an offer, including letters. However, sellers risk violating Fair Housing laws if they discriminate against a buyer, except in regards to financial ability to purchase and terms of the contract. Danielle explains considerations buyers should take if they choose to include a personal letter in their offer:

According to Danielle Dolch, an attorney with Shulman Rogers in Potomac, buyers should only discuss the features of the home in their letter. “Discussing the home’s proximity to schools, churches, etc. should be avoided.”

Read the full article, “Writing a seller a letter can sometimes make or break a home purchase,” here.

Danielle focuses her practice on residential real estate transactions. She draws on her experience in residential real estate transactions to advise home buyers and sellers and real estate agents on a variety of real estate matters.