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A Message from the Shulman Rogers Board of Directors

January 12, 2021

Shulman Rogers prides itself on being a firm that is dedicated to creating an inclusive, respectful and open culture comprised of talented individuals of diverse backgrounds.  Moreover, as a law firm employing attorneys who serve as officers of the court, Shulman Rogers takes seriously the Constitution and the promotion of the rule of law for everyone.  Consistent with these values, like countless other United States’ citizens, companies, institutions and world leaders, Shulman Rogers condemns unequivocally the mayhem, chaos and violence that took place on Capitol Hill last week.  The unlawful actions in which domestic terrorists engaged are abhorrent, shameful, unacceptable and antithetical to the democratic values upon which this country was founded. The actions of these few lawbreakers do not represent the values of the United States and cannot be condoned or let pass without comment and strong condemnation. There must be consequences for these violators who have created an indelible stain on American democracy.