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$10 Million Settlement in Commercial Truck Collision

August 13, 2009

Doe, et al. v. Doe Transportation Co.

Doe, age 35, and his wife, age 34, were stopped in traffic on a major highway, and were rear-ended at high speed by a commercial truck owned and operated by ABC Transportation Co.   Cause was simple driver inattention.

Doe’s wife suffered a brain injury and never regained consciousness.   Life support was removed the next day.  Doe suffered multiple injuries, the most serious of which was a transaction of the spinal cord at T10-T11, and was rendered a paraplegic.  The couple had four biologic children, all minors.

Damages consisted of a Life Care Plan for Doe, lost earnings for both Doe and his wife, and pain and suffering for Doe’s paraplegia and the wrongful death of Doe’s wife.

The parties settled all claims for $10 million, plus payment of all case-related expenses.  A combination of significant up-front cash and structured settlements will pay Doe and the children well in excess of the settlement amount over their lifetimes.