Smart Cities and Smart Buildings of the future will rely on greater connectivity to create a more efficient living and working space for an ever-growing population.  Shulman Rogers’ attorneys are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that will help make these dreams come true.

Shulman Rogers works with a variety of organizations and entities to promote connected cities and buildings. Attorney Alan Tilles serves on the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Smart Buildings Working Group, where he assists in crafting TIA’s standards for smart buildings. The Firm assists municipalities in amending regulations to ensure connectivity, interoperability and safety, while at the same time protecting privacy.

The Shulman Rogers team members who work on Smart City and Smart Building initiatives include authorities in wireless, transportation, real estate and data privacy issues. Our legal professionals provide municipalities, manufacturers and system implementation professionals with a broad array of knowledge essential to implement policies, negotiate contracts and rewrite legislation.

As part of its work, Shulman Rogers provides extensive education for municipalities on issues pertinent to Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.  Presentations include “The Role Of Public Safety Broadband Networks In The Smart City” at the Connect X Conference, “Public vs. Private Assets In A 5G World” at the Gigabit City Summit and “The IoT Saving Lives Panel” at the IWCE’s IoT Saving Lives Conference.