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Land mobile radio applicants often don’t consider using their law firm to help prepare their applications.  However, there are many reasons why utilizing Shulman Rogers Application Preparation Service can be valuable for you.

Shulman Rogers Knows the Rules

Completing FCC Forms requires knowledge of the FCC Rules, which are constantly changing.  As counsel to WIA, Shulman Rogers’ attorneys are right on top of the rules.  Since we have participated in every major land mobile proceeding for the last twenty years, we have the important historical background which is often necessary to navigate the intricacies of the Rules.  In fact, our greatest sources of referral, other than our existing clients, are application preparation firms.

Your Security

One of the major advantages of processing your applications through a law firm is your confidentiality and security.   As attorneys, we are bound to keep your information confidential.  And, we are precluded from representing your competitors regarding conflicting issues.  Can application preparation firms give you that same comfort and security?

Competitive Prices

Often, applicants are reluctant to utilize law firms for their application preparation because they are concerned with the cost of the service.  However, Shulman Rogers application preparation rates are comparable to most of these non-law firms. 

Our Licensing Preparation Team

With over 30 years of wireless experience, Alan Tilles is viewed as one of the “go-to” attorneys in the telecommunications industry. At Shulman Rogers, Alan leads the firm’s Telecommunications Department, guiding its attorneys and legal assistants to provide unparalleled legal representation to governments, associations and private organizations.

Dana Daberkow has over 23 years of experience in the FCC licensing field as a licensing assistant.  Prior to joining Shulman Rogers, Dana spent seven years as FCC Licensing and Contract/Lease Manager for Pittencrieff Communications, Inc. in Abilene, Texas and one year as FCC Licensing and Contract/Lease Manager for Intek Global, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri.  She has spent the last 17 years at Shulman Rogers assisting in all aspects of FCC licensing and compliance for communications service providers as well as private, internal radio users.

Practice Chair