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Delivering value is an important part of why we are with Shulman Rogers. From time to time we would like to share how we have made a difference for our clients, our community and the legal profession.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about tremendous uncertainty for everyone and immediate, pressing questions for Merry Campbell‘s clients. With almost no warning or time to prepare, employers had to deal with massive fluctuations in economic situations and changes in the way they needed to approach the health and safety of their employees and businesses.

Merry was a true ally during these difficult times. She worked with her team, including Joy Einstein and Courtney Schaefer, to deliver timely Legal Alerts, and through her regular counseling practice, webinars and zoom calls, she provided practical advice on the existing and new legal challenges to workforce decisions brought on by the pandemic. She was able to focus clients on essential concerns and to provide peace of mind that they had considered all options and obligations before taking action.

COVID-19 has changed us all. Merry rose to the challenge…and continues to find new ways to deliver value for her clients.

“Merry saw us through all of the changes COVID brought…and she helped us every step of the way. She made sure the organization was protected. She gives you the tools to keep your company safe.” – Ebony Clark