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Somali Government Cleared of UN Corruption Allegations

September 13, 2013

Shulman Rogers’ legal team of Jeremy Schulman, Jacob Frenkel, and Koushik Bhattacharya recently concluded a major investigation into alleged corruption for the firm’s client, the Federal Republic of Somalia.  The legal team from Shulman Rogers, along with forensic accountants from FTI Consulting, carefully examined the allegations of massive financial misconduct contained in a July 2013 report issued by the U.N. Monitoring Group for Somalia and Eritrea and prepared the Somali government’s official response. In the response, the Shulman Rogers team presented their detailed evidentiary findings, which formed the basis for their conclusion that the methodology and holdings of the UN Report were “deeply flawed and entirely unreliable.”  For the complete story, see the following:

Shulman Rogers Clears Somalia of UN Report Allegations with International Investigative Team

Shulman Rogers Aids Somali Government in Clearing UN Corruption Claims

Shulman Rogers Assists Somali Government in Reversing UN Corruption Claims

Shulman Rogers and International Investigative Team Clear Somalia of UN Report Allegations

Acting Prime Minister Hon. Fawzia Yusuf Haji Adam, Deputy Minister of Finance Mohamed Hassan Adam, Spokesperson to the President of Somalia Abdirahman O. Osman, and Jeremy Schulman Esq.