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Shulman Rogers’ Attorney, Aaron Blank, Reaches Settlement In Favor of Wheelchair-bound Inmate

December 12, 2019

Shulman Rogers’ attorney, Aaron Blank, recently reached a settlement on behalf of the plaintiff in Savoy v. Bishop, et al., Case 1:14-cv-01853-GLR, in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Baltimore Division. 

Mr. Savoy, a wheelchair-bound inmate in the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland, initially filed his lawsuit pro se in 2014 for ADA violations and retaliation by prison officials.  After suffering a dismissal that was overturned on appeal, Aaron Blank took on the case pro bono in 2018 and has successfully obtained closure in this case for our client.

In his lawsuit, Mr. Savoy alleged that prison officials retaliated against him by removing him from his handicapped cell into a non-ADA compliant housing unit after he filed an administrative grievance which voiced his complaint that wheelchair-bound inmates were being denied the highest paying jobs within the facility.  As a result, Mr. Savoy suffered severe burns and permanent injuries to his lower body while using a dangerously positioned microwave that violated ADA accessibility guidelines (ADAAG).  These guidelines required that the microwave be placed at table height to minimize the risk of injury to wheelchair-bound persons, but prison officials chose to place the microwave on a shelf above Mr. Savoy’s head and shoulders.  Conspicuously, the height of the microwave and other appliances in Mr. Savoy’s original handicapped housing unit were all at table height in compliance with ADAAG, but the appliances and other accommodations in the new housing unit were not.


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