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Sarah Cline to Present Webinar on Curing Title Defects

January 7, 2020

Sarah Cline, a shareholder in Shulman Rogers’ Real Estate Department, will serve as faculty for the webinar “Curing Title Defects: Liens, Judgments, Rights of Third Parties, and Breaks in Chain of Title”. This CLE course will be offered through Strafford on Thursday, February 6, 2020, at 1 PM EST.

The goal of every real estate deal attorney is to ensure a timely and smooth closing of the transaction. Title defects are just one of the many hurdles that transaction attorneys must clear. While many risks can create an encumbrance on a title, some of the common title defects that face real estate practitioners are defects due to liens and judgments, the rights of third parties, and breaks in the chain of title. Armed with the knowledge on how to cure these common title defects, practitioners can ensure that they close commercial transactions on time and with little surprises.

The panel will review these topics and other vital questions:

  • What are the most common liens on property, and what are best practices for investigating and clearing the lien?
  • What are the most common issues that arise with third-party rights, and what are best practices for resolving these issues?
  • When would an action to quiet title be necessary to resolve a break in the chain of title, and what are best practices for curing title through litigation?

More information and registration is available through Strafford Live CLE Webinars. 

Sarah focuses her practice on commercial and residential real estate issues, representing parties in all aspects of residential and commercial sale and refinance settlements. She counsels clients on real estate issues including, researching title problems and assisting property owners with the refinance or sale of their property.