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Residential Settlements Alert: Maryland Land Records Update

March 18, 2020

The Shulman Rogers Residential Real Estate Settlements Team was informed today that Montgomery County, Maryland has reopened its land records office effective immediately.

We will continue to share information as we receive it.

Remember, the Shulman Rogers Residential Real Estate Settlements Team is committed to protecting the health and well-being of the buyers, sellers, Realtors and lenders we serve, as well as our employees. In response to the risk posed by COVID-19, we have implemented increased sanitizing measures for surfaces throughout our offices, and have ensured that our staff is educated with respect to those measures and proper hand washing techniques. Visitors to our offices are encouraged to practice good hygiene, by frequently washing their hands and keeping an appropriate distance from others. The concept of “social distancing” is encouraged, but in the context of a real estate settlement in jurisdictions which require live-witnessed wet signatures on certain documents, normal human interaction is unavoidable.

Shulman Rogers’ offices will be open ONLY for transactions requiring live-witnessed signatures.

All visitors to our offices should be prudent and exercise good judgment during settlement interactions. For the safety of other settlement parties and our employees, if you have: (1) been diagnosed and remain ill with or are aware of having been exposed to COVID-19; or (2) been advised by a doctor, hospital or local health department to self-quarantine, then please contact us immediately, and DO NOT come to our offices for settlement.

The situation is and will remain fluid, and we will communicate updates to you as we receive them.