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Newsletter Template

January 14, 2011

This is your main content area, formatting in this area is limited. Font choices are the following:

Heading style 1

Heading style 2

Heading style 3

Heading style 4

Heading style 5
Heading style 6

as well as normal font, bold, Italics, and underlining are all available as well

Best Practices

Generally it is best to have the majority of the text formatted in paragraph format. 

If a bulleted list is required

  1. It is generally best
  2. to keep the list
  3. relatively short
  • Normal bullet points 
  • appear in this fashion

At the end of the news letter, you can link to any preexisting news item, event, or publication that has been posted to the firm site see below:

Your side content area is where to place authorship information etc. note the "More Information" that appears as the title, this cannot be changed.

*Note- contact information appears below this section and need not be included here.


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