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Modern Family Law Views: Why You Should NOT Delay Divorce Now

April 16, 2020

Modern Family Law Views: Why You Should NOT Delay Divorce Now

With the COVID-19 crisis and closure of the courts for all intents and purposes, it is easy to think that family law matters, whether starting the divorce process or something else, should be delayed until after this situation passes.  A number of good reasons exist, however, why delay may be the wrong strategy.

These include:

  • If you are the economically independent spouse, and have suffered financially from the COVID-19 situation, this may be a good time to get the separation and divorce process started;
  • If you and your spouse are confined to the same house and need an agreement to separate and be able to divorce without living apart for one year;
  • If you have children and your access arrangement no longer works, but the children still need you to find a solution that allows them to spend time with both parents;
  • If you pay (or sometimes receive) child support and have suffered an income setback the guidelines formula may give you some relief – but remember the court can only modify child support retroactively to the date of filing a modification request;
  • If you have a financial arrangement with an ex-spouse that no longer is feasible, but because the courts are unavailable, you need to work out a mutually acceptable interim solution; or
  • If domestic violence or child abuse are present, and you need the courts to intervene under their emergency exception to the closure orders.

This is only a partial list, and many other situations may call for action now, before things get worse (or in some cases, better perhaps).

And for all family law matters, it is important to note the courts will be backed up once they do re-open, so getting things started now very likely will help you avoid significant delays.

As is apparent, a number of situations may call for immediate action and involvement of family law attorneys. 

The Family Law Group at Shulman Rogers is still up and running, even if many tasks are now done remotely.  Please let me know if you believe one of the situations described above (or another) warrants a consultation with one of our attorneys.



Hadrian Hatfield




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