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IWCE Presents: Security, Privacy & the Cloud in the Age of GDPR & California’s Consumer Privacy Act

November 13, 2018

Businesses and government agencies now have a whole host of new regulations regarding the information privacy of their employees and customers. From the European Union’s GDPR regulations to California’s new Consumer Privacy Act, major changes to the way we all do business are taking shape. Managing our data and the data privacy, especially contact lists of clients and customers, has become a business within our businesses. To stay compliant with the new rules, organizations must understand the parameters and rules, and create new protocols for their data management, including who has access to it, how we interact with it, cybersecurity protocols, and where this vital data is stored such as cloud-based services.

During this hour-long webinar through the IWCE, you’ll hear an overview of the new regulations, receive tips on how to adapt, and learn best practices in using the cloud.

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Alan Tilles
Telecommunications Chair
Shulman Rogers

Merritt Baer
Principal Security Architect
Amazon Web Services

Dr. Curtis KS Levinson
Chief Information Security Officer

John L. Geiger
Principal Deputy
Office of the County Counsel of Los Angeles