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David Robbins quoted in Devex: Does IRD have a case against USAID?

June 19, 2015

David Robbins, chairman of the firm’s Government Contracts & Grants practice, and former acting Suspending and Debarring Official, was quoted in the recent Devex article regarding the USAID’s suspension of International Relief and Development, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization responsible for implementing relief and development programs worldwide.

“[The trend toward] improving and making the suspension and debarment process more accountable hasn’t yet reached USAID,” David Robbins, government contracts department chair at the law firm Shulman Rogers, told Devex.

The process — from investigation to debarment — needs to improve, Robbins said, and this case, even if IRD loses, could be a catalyst for exposing many of USAID’s operational shortcomings.

The debarment process, Robbins said, “operates at agencies that use it correctly as a way of mitigating risk and fixing things, not as a penalty.”

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