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Bethesda Magazine once again recognizes Strickler and Platnick as Top Divorce Attorneys

September 1, 2018

Scott Strickler and Geoffrey Platnick, both of Shulman Rogers’ Family Law and Fiduciary Litigation Practice Group, were named among the area’s top divorce attorneys by Bethesda Magazine in its July/August 2018 Edition.  This is the fourth time that both attorneys have been recognized in the publication.  The publication based its selections upon interviews with area family law practitioners, asking who among the more than 450 attorneys considered they would personally rely on if going through a divorce. From Bethesda Magazine:

How do you prepare differently for mediation versus litigation?

The best way to settle any case, inside or outside the courtroom, is to be better prepared than the other side. We believe in strategic rather than reactive thinking whether preparing for mediation or trial, recognizing that every case is different and that a tactical approach is critical. Every decision made on behalf of clients must be calculated to achieve their ultimate goals, and being prepared for litigation enables a client to feel confident in approaching an alternative dispute resolution process like mediation. Resolving a case in mediation makes it possible to include terms that are outside of the court’s authority, including structuring financial settlements in tax-advantageous ways or including specific provisions for children, such as college funding or life insurance coverage.

How do I choose an attorney to represent me in my financially complex divorce?

Ask lots of questions! Your attorney should be able to explain different strategies and approaches to the identification and valuation of businesses and other assets, the purposes and tactics involved in your financial statement preparation and ways to use the tax code to maximize alimony, child support and other financial outcomes for you and your family. Most financially complex divorce cases will involve expert witnesses in different disciplines, from forensic accountants and business valuation professionals to vocational rehabilitation experts, and your lawyer should be able to identify the areas in which such expertise will be necessary.