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Alan Tilles talks with Communications Daily on 5G deployment negotiations

June 29, 2018

Alan Tilles recently spoke with Communications Daily on small-cell 5G deployment negotiations between municipalities and wireless companies . Alan is quoted in the article “Rosenworcel Says San Jose 5G Pacts Show Cities as ‘Important Partners,’ Cheering Localities.”

It’s good “when municipalities and carriers can get together and negotiate an agreement that both sides believe is fair,” emailed Government Wireless Technology and Communications Association Counsel Alan Tilles. “The future of smart cities is dependent upon wide-spread implementation of wireless infrastructure, and these types of agreements, beneficial to both parties, is preferable to federally imposed requirements.”

Alan leads Shulman Rogers’ Technology, Media and Telecommunications Department. Shulman Rogers works with a variety of organizations and entities to promote connected cities and buildings. Alan serves on the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Smart Buildings Working Group, where he assists in crafting TIA’s standards for smart buildings. The Firm assists municipalities in amending regulations to ensure connectivity, interoperability and safety, while at the same time protecting privacy.

The full article is available through Communications Daily (subscription required).