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Alan Tilles Comments on AMTRAK Train Crash and PTC Implementation

May 27, 2015

The unfortunate AMTRAK crash, May 2015, has created a surge of interest in a project that many of us have been working on for years, Positive Train Control.  Because of the media’s need to fill the 24 hour news cycle, there has been a glut of stories fingering blame in a number of directions and highlighting a number of issues.  As with many of these types of news stories, hype has led to misleading and inaccurate claims.  Stories have alternatively blamed Congress, the rail industry “dragging its feet”, lack of money, and lack of access to radio spectrum, to name a few.  In addition, there has been confusion on the difference between the old-technology of Active Train Control (ATC) and the new technology, Positive Train Control (PTC).  Let’s sort out the myths from the facts with regard to PTC.

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