With decades of experience, Shulman Rogers offers our Telecommunications industry clients a broad range of services, across numerous practices. Because we know the challenges our clients face, we are able to anticipate those challenges and develop sound solutions to solve them effectively and efficiently.


The Shulman Rogers Cybersecurity and Data Privacy group helps clients create programs to identify and manage security risks, protect digital information and networks, and respond to cybersecurity attacks.  In short, we offer a practical, comprehensive program developed with the inter-connected goals of prevention, response, and mitigation. We understand that, for our clients in the Telecommunications industry, information is currency, and securing that information is among their paramount concerns.


The Shulman Rogers team members who work on Smart City and Smart Building initiatives include authorities in wireless, transportation, real estate and data privacy issues. Our legal professionals provide municipalities, manufacturers and system implementation professionals with a broad array of knowledge essential to implement policies, negotiate contracts and rewrite legislation.

Smart Cities and Smart Buildings of the future will rely on greater connectivity to create a more efficient living and working space for an ever-growing population.  Shulman Rogers’ attorneys are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that will help make these dreams come true.


Our Technology Transactions team negotiates service requirements, licensing rights and the development of new products and services such as cloud computing, data monetization, outsourcing, renewable energy, mobile transportation systems and datacenters.

Established and emerging companies rely on our attorneys to guide them through the full life cycle from development and commercialization to optimization and protection of their technology, intellectual property and trade secrets.

Clients seek our assistance in a wide range of joint ventures and procurement transactions, including those involving mobile platforms, geo/bio/solar technologies, digital advertising platforms, social network sites, e-publishing and more.  Our attorneys possess substantial legal acumen coupled with business understanding to provide key insights on current market trends for technology services.


Shulman Rogers stands as one of a select number of law firms that offers full-service representation for tower owners and tower landlords.  Our attorneys have experience on all matters relevant to today’s tower industry, including telecommunications, leasing, real estate and zoning.  Shulman Rogers’ Tower Group represents landlords, tenants, investors, subtenants, management companies and real estate brokers in all aspects of leasing, including structuring their transactions, lease negotiations, build-out and occupancy.


The Telecommunications Department at Shulman Rogers has significant experience representing various aspects of the transportation industry.  From spectrum acquisition to assisting with system design issues, the Firm has a history of assisting transportation entities in solving their communications issues.  We have helped Railroads, Airlines, Airports and Bus Companies and their telecommunications technology vendors as they implement new communications technology.


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