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Community Efforts

Delivering value is an important part of why we are with Shulman Rogers. From time to time we would like to share how we have made a difference for our clients, our community and the legal profession.

Sometimes, our lawyers are asked to do more than simply “take on a case.” Sometimes, we are asked to right a wrong. When righting wrongs, it helps to have team of professionals who can manage the full complexity of the matter, while staying alert to opportunities to gain an advantage for our client.

Our client, who had no non-compete, left the company and founded a competing business. Her former employer sued to try to push her out of business. Our team uncovered questionable behavior by the former employer who never paid her final paycheck, never paid overtime, and never paid the commissions promised to our client. We brought these issues as counterclaims. We filed additional counterclaims when we discovered the former employer had accessed our client’s personal Gmail account. We also brought counterclaims related the way the former company was interfering with our client's lawful operations.

We were able to bring enough substantive counterclaims that our client ended up getting everything she wanted and monetary damages from her former employer—who originally sued her.

Kristin Draper gave strategic litigation advice. Merry Campbell and Joy Einstein battled opposing counsel on a day to day basis. Sara Michaloski and Megan Raker provided key research and document management.