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Tax Assessment Appeals

Tax Assessment Appeals Group servicing Maryland, Virginia, and DC

Changes in the economy can present opportunities to address real estate taxation issues and to ensure that your propertyTAX ASSESSMENT APPEALS ATTORNEYS SERVING MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, AND  DC tax is not out of sync with the market.  Shulman Rogers attorneys are in-step with local, state and federal taxation laws, monitoring both the cyclical tax appeal seasons and changes in tax policies.  We have assisted clients in analyzing their property’s value based on numerous events that can lead to a change in your property’s taxable value.  Our clients have sought our counsel when:

  • Operating income has decreased
  • Expenses have increased
  • Space has been vacated
  • Tenant non-payment of rent
  • Tenant in bankruptcy
  • Change occurs in the property status
  • Purchased within 60 days
  • Declining sales
  • Change in property condition
  • Change in market cap rates

The Firm’s attorneys remain alert to the local jurisdictions’ property tax reassessment cycles and assist clients in filing appeals of the assessed property value for both commercial and residential properties.  Shulman Rogers attorneys have extensive experience advising owners on their options to address their property's taxable assessment and our attorneys provide representation at all levels of the tax assessment process from meetings with the tax assessor all the way through to the review boards and the tax courts.  We pursue tax appeals of all asset classes, including:

  • Commercial property
  • Retail property
  • Industrial property
  • Rental or Vacation property
  • Multi-family residential property
  • Primary residence

The Firm’s attorneys assist in tax appeals in numerous jurisdictions with an emphasis on the Maryland tax assessment process.  Maryland property owners should note that the State reassesses properties every three years and your appeal options depend on your property’s position in the reassessment cycle.  Maryland property owners need not await a new assessment notice to pursue a change in their property's assessment.  Contact a Shulman Rogers attorney to learn more about your options for addressing your property's tax assessed value.