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Government Contracts and Grants

Shulman Rogers’ Government Contracts and Grants Practice, led by David Robbins, a former Deputy General Counsel and Suspending and Debarring Official (acting) of the U.S. Air Force, is structured specifically to offer the full spectrum of investigations, defense, counseling and litigation services to clients of all sizes, from world leaders to smaller companies with aggressive growth plans.  As a full service firm, our clients appreciate Shulman Rogers’ ability to handle many of their legal needs with our exceptionally qualified government contracts and grants team.

The Shulman Rogers team has also developed several unique offerings tailed for the specific needs of our government contracts and grants clients:

The Shulman Rogers Second Look:  We are often selected by clients to provide an independent assessment of ongoing investigations, disclosures, performance problems, claims, and acquisitions. Clients recognize our team can give them an informed assessment of their goals, strategy, progress and even likely outcome.

Clients find our modest fee for this assessment, which can include a presentation to internal stakeholders, is a welcome and sometimes critical additional perspective, a sanity check when managing high six- and seven-figure legal bills for important matters and often, a chance to make informed tweaks or direction adjustments.

Our process includes interviews, critical document reviews, assessments and a presentation of our findings to key stakeholders. We believe our approach can significantly enhance return on outside counsel dollars. Equally valuable, our process can often serve to reaffirm or build consensus on goals, strategy, process, or likely outcomes. This consensus is often a critical and difficult-to-achieve precursor to actually undertaking the informed changes that could better manage expectations, potentially enhance chances for successful outcomes, and mitigate risks.

Special Security Agreement 2nd Look and Fresh Start Programs:  Many contractors with non-U.S. ownership and engaging in classified contracting treat Special Security Agreements (SSAs) as an unavoidable toll on operations and profits that must be paid each and every year — no matter how much it costs. It does not have to be this way.

Shulman Rogers’ SSA 2nd Look analyzes your existing agreement in the context of your current business practices and reviews your cross border business arrangements and annual audit documents to determine if your agreement and compliance efforts meet the letter and intent of the regulations in the most cost effective manner.

Our full review often identifies simplifications and targeted changes in your operations that save time and expense on the annual review. With our in depth assessment of your operations, we may recommend targeted changes in your operations that can increase your ROI by demystifying, streamlining and simplifying your SSA compliance processes.

For companies with non-U.S. ownership seeking to enter classified contracting, we also work closely with our clients to craft initial SSAs. Our SSA Fresh Start team gets both the compliance and the business operations aspects of an SSA right, the first time.

For new and existing SSAs, we develop an in-depth understanding of your business operations and your strategic goals. We match this understanding with our deep experience, industry knowledge, government contracts experience and our insider’s knowledge of the SSA process. Our modest fee includes written recommendations and a presentation to key internal and external stakeholders.

Why Shulman Rogers Government Contracts and Grants Practice?  We are an exceptionally qualified team with senior and substantial experience in-house, in government and as contractors. We deliver the very highest level of customer service, creativity and just plain hard work. We understand how to achieve highly successful business outcomes when doing business with the U.S. Government.

The Firm offers a full range of legal services to its government contracts clients, including the following recent engagements:  


  • Review requests for proposals, teaming agreements, non-disclosure agreements, contracts and subcontracts for legal issues, business risks and compliance needs for contractors of all sizes from world leaders to small businesses.
  • International business and government contracting issues counseling in the Foreign Military Sales, Direct Commercial Sales and ITAR/EAR areas.
  • Negotiate subcontracts for international transactions of military equipment in compliance with ITAR/Export Control regulations.
  • Advise concerning international advisor agreements for military sales.


  • Mitigate Foreign Ownership and Control
  • Draft and oversee compliance with Special Security Agreements
  • Audits, reviews and reporting to DSS


  • Bid protest litigation at the federal and local levels
  • Claims before federal agencies, boards of contract appeal, and local procurement agencies
  • Won a security clearance appeal, successfully mitigating numerous foreign family and financial contacts, opening up a new line of business for a valued client.


  • Conducted internal investigations into suspected wrongdoing involving time mischarging and recruiting government employees.
  • Work with other leading law firms to coordinate delivery of investigation results to the government.


  • Filed multiple mandatory disclosures for clients and used the collateral benefits of disclosure to limit and mitigate ongoing investigations.


  • Successfully resolved two proposed debarments before DoD agencies.
  • Proactively met with DoD and civilian Debarring Officials to avoid suspension/proposed debarment altogether.


  • Advise on risks in cleared contracting; draft policies and procedures to mitigate same.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Successfully defended, along with partners in other groups, two individuals facing charges for government contracts related misconduct.

CORPORATE TRANSACTIONAL:  With partners in other groups, formed, grew, sold, or helped to acquire numerous small contractors, handling specialized government contracts aspects of the deals.